Since we started running our stake pool ADAVZ in August 2020 we have been looking for ways to motivate and engage new users. We wanted to enhance our delegators’ experience and to reward their trust in our stake pool. Staking is an important element through which delegators can obtain revenue every epoch (one epoch lasts 5 days). We thought this element could be complemented with fun and user friendly concepts.

We’ve been involved in Cardano blockchain project from the very beginning and are 100% committed for the long haul. Cardano fundamentals are sound, keep growing and are set for success…

This article is about why #Cardano has a very high chance to succeed and bring mass adoption to the blockchain world. Full disclosure, if you are focused merely on economics and/or price related aspects,… then this document may not be relevant to you.

I recently read an article that nicely described the origins of SQL, how challenging it was to produce the solution, a model of how first principles can help resolve major problems. For starters, SQL is the standard database programming language supported by basically any database in the world. Nowadays, SQL is not only used by any database…


Adavanz is based in the USA and operates stake pool ADAVZ in Cardano network. I am passionate about decentralization, fairness and bleeding-edge technology.

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