Gamifying our Cardano stake pool

Since we started running our stake pool ADAVZ in August 2020 we have been looking for ways to motivate and engage new users. We wanted to enhance our delegators’ experience and to reward their trust in our stake pool. Staking is an important element through which delegators can obtain revenue every epoch (one epoch lasts 5 days). We thought this element could be complemented with fun and user friendly concepts.

We’ve been involved in Cardano blockchain project from the very beginning and are 100% committed for the long haul. Cardano fundamentals are sound, keep growing and are set for success. ADAVZ is run by single pool operator and is proud to help keep Cardano decentralized.

As I was watching my space-obsessed daughter drawing a picture of a bull astronaut flying to the Moon, it sparked the idea for an avatar running games for our delegators (participants). We want out pool operations to be successful and engaging.

Our Tauro, the bull astronaut flying to the Moon, is a virtual friend that will be assigning tickets and selecting winners every epoch. This process is inspired by Ouroboros, Cardano’s secure proof-of-stake protocol, that among many other things takes care of assigning blocks every epoch among participating stake pools. We try to follow a similar process at a much smaller scale (pool scope) and assign tickets based on how much stake a delegator has delegated to Adavanz (ADAVZ) stake pool. However, once the tickets are assigned, we developed the algorithm so that the three winners picked by Tauro are always different wallets (delegators). In other words, our stake pool distributes fairly and makes more people happy.

We are applying more than 15 years of experience in software engineering and IT architecture to this lottery platform. It has been designed and developed so it can grow and support other elements & services we plan to launch on a later date. Many technologies have been implemented in the process (we will write about this in the future) and more will be added as Cardano keeps growing.

We will also contribute to charity and have already selected a couple of programs with the goal of expanding. Those educational programs will be focusing on helping communities in need and improving people’s lives.

If you want to know more and want to delegate to our stake pool, check out our new website:

Happy staking!

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Adavanz is based in the USA and operates stake pool ADAVZ in Cardano network. I am passionate about decentralization, fairness and bleeding-edge technology.